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Leigh Evans

Hi, I’m Leigh, founder and organizer of SheReaders Book Club. Women have undoubtedly made my life better. I’m a firm believer that we flourish when we’re surrounded by supportive female friends and we should always be adding new members to our tribe. 

For decades, I’ve been hosting in-person and online events for women where I encourage attendee participation and really getting to know one another on a deeper level. Connections are made through shared experiences and thoughtful discussions. Those are the goals of every event I host, to bring women together and have a good time! 

I’m a passionate linguist with a deep love for learning. I speak fluent Spanish, plus French, and some Hebrew. I lived for a year in Ibarra, Ecuador. Yes, I’ve eaten cuy (guinea pig) and drunk ayahuasca. Ask me about it! 

Professionally, I am a South Florida Real Estate Broker at RealtyBoss® where I’ve spent over a decade helping customers, mainly women, reach their real estate goals. 

I’m a natural bibliophile, traveler, corgi-lover, plant-based chef, and creative spirit. SheReaders Book Club is my biggest passion project. I can’t wait to meet you and have you join us in this wonderful group!

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“Statistics show that women are reading more books than men, yet most of the books read are written by men. If we are to break down the bias, it has to start with changing our reading habits on an individual level.”


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